What is Cashberry Coin

Cashbery Coin (CBC) is an internal transactional tool of the new generation. CBC is an ideal value transferring resource for the Cashbery ecosystem environment due to high-speed transactions and low fees. Cashbery Coin ecosystem provides decentralized currency for the end users and the option of drawing new participants into business operations and loyalty schemes for businesspersons due to the Cashbery Coin transparency, safety, and usability. Distributed registry implementation with all data synchronized with the whole network, almost completely reduces fraud cases, double сharges, chargeback, and unauthorized transactions.

For customers

Private users of Cashbery network can use Cashbery Coin in everyday activity, taking all advantages of the new technologies for the cooperation with each other and for mutual payments:

— Cashbery transactions go through the Internet without the third party support. Therefore, the transaction fee is less than the same in banks, for example. Cashbery Coin fits to use for any transactions: big and small ones.

— Cashbery Coin has no connections with any centralized issuing institute in any country, it means, that coin is easy to use for international transactions.

— The Cashbery Coin wallet cannot be frozen; cryptocurrency does not have any controlling organization. That provides free distribution and circulation of CBC.

— No requisites and preconditions are required to execute transactions.

— There are no transaction limits. It is easy to transfer any amount of coins as many times as necessary.

— High level of protection against hacking, forgery, and fraud. That’s why Cashbery Coin is perfect for saving and accumulating values.

For Business

Implementation and managing of the Cashbery Coins and Cashbery ecosystem by business companies gives next advantages: low charge for the circulation, strong security, and easy scalability. Companies get the opportunity to operate Cashbery Coins for accounting, providing safety of transactions, and loyalty schemes on every level. Cashbery is a perfect tool for the small business development. It is a payment system which easily integrates into network exchange, or into the real economy, starting from online shops, discount providers, delivery services, media, to the banking sector and the real estate industries.

— Due to the low entry level, any business don’t need to spend many resources for using Cashbery coin;

— It is easier to connect Cashbery payment system to websites and mobile apps.

For investors

CBC has a number of competitive advantages over existing solutions in the Blockсhain:


Cashbery uses proved cryptography methods with a separation to public and private keys – it helps keeping access keys to the account. Many companies, including banks and big exchanges, use same algorithms for information protection. Besides, the Cashbery Coin wallet application is securely protected by a password. Even if the hacker gets access to the device the wallet is installed on, money cannot be stolen.

Forecasted transaction speed

Another key advantage of the hybrid Cashbery algorithm is providing fast transactions even in conditions of network-critical load. Cashbery Coin is the simple and elegant solution for providing transactions of the new generation. Most of the modern cryptocurrencies show poor network capacity and unpredictability under the heavy parallel traffic condition. In 2017, there was decentralized game-application created, called CryptoKitties which was developed for the Ethereum network, showed how badly this blockchain is ready for big loads. As a result, there were significant transactions delays inside the Ethereum network, smart contracts malfunctions, and, hence, a loss of trust and value.


Cashbery is a decentralized currency. Firstly, that based on the method of the initial distribution by regulated and transparent selling of coins for the future network participants who are interested in network stability and development. Secondly, that based on PoS and PoW combining. Decentralization is the fundament of any true cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies with the big capitalization and distribution are not decentralized enough because of the consensus algorithm using. The perfect example is Bitcoin: almost 60% of these network miners are situated in the PRC territory or into its legal competency.